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Why Online Marketing Surgery?

Driving Change Since 2013

Online Marketing Surgery has been leading the way in digital marketing for over 11 years. We’re all about empowering our team, supporting partner agencies, and giving back to our communities and businesses we work with through people-first initiatives.

If you’re passionate about making a difference and doing great work, we want to hear from you!

Available Opportunities

Marketing Manager - Client-Focused and Strategic As a Marketing  Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing client accounts and ensuring their success through effective communication strategies and brand growth...

Our Culture


Clients and team can all rely on each other in all cases to get their job done and support growth.


Everyone has a specific skillset and can be relied upon across all areas of the services.

Real Teamwork

Know when to pick up and pass on to further the goals of the client and business.


For themselves, their peers, their leaders, clients and the community.


For themselves, their peers, their leaders, clients and the community.


From the team to clients i.e. service level and results. From peers to team regarding investment in the team and rewards

Our Candidate Experience

We believe in hiring the best digital marketing talent in the world.
We give our candidates every opportunity to get to know us, just as we want to get to know them.

Our four-step interview process includes:


Connect with Us:

 Let’s start the conversation! During this phase, we encourage you to share your CV with us. We’ll provide feedback and use this opportunity to learn more about your background and what motivates you.


Value and Culture Interviews:

 Here’s where we dive deeper into what makes you tick. We’ll chat about our values and culture to see if we’re a good match. It’s like getting to know someone to see if you’d enjoy hanging out with them.


Skills-Based Interview:

Time to show off what you’ve got! We’ll dig into your skills and experience to see how they fit with our needs. Think of it as showcasing your talents in a friendly, low-pressure environment.


Join the Team:

Welcome aboard! If everything aligns and we both feel it’s a good fit, you’ll officially join our team and be given your own prestigious OMS blue hoodie! We’ll support you as you settle in and become part of our digital marketing family.

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