Unveiling the Connection Between Food Safety and Hygiene Ratings

In the world of culinary, where the allure of exotic spices and mouthwatering ingredients lies the fundamental pillar of food safety and hygiene. Behind every Michelin-star restaurant and global fast food restaurant lies a commitment to adhering to strict regulations and standards, ensuring consumer well-being. Examining food hygiene data is pivotal to offering an insight into the safety protocols practised by each food establishment.

Ratcliffe Cleaning Contractors and here at OMS we have analysed food hygiene ratings from 266 locations in the UK. This allowed us to identify the top 10 areas with the highest and lowest 5-star ratings.

Top 10 Areas with the Highest 5-Star Food Hygiene Rating Percentage

Built up area Rating of 5 %
Southport 86.50%
Wrexham 85.87%
Ipswich 83.45%
Stockton-on-Tees 82.99%
Hartlepool 80.94%
Darlington 80.49%
Carmarthen 80.32%
Hastings 80.11%
Llandudno 79.41%
Bournemouth 79.26%

Top 10 Areas with the Highest 0-Star Food Hygiene Rating Percentage

Built up area Rating of 5 %
Birmingham 0.94%
Liverpool 0.85%
Kingston upon Hull 0.83%
Middlesbrough 0.66%
Rochdale 0.52%
Doncaster 0.52%
Hemel Hempstead 0.50%
Bolton 0.49%
Cardiff 0.42%
Halifax 0.39%

Why Does it Matter?

The significance of scrutinising food and hygiene ratings cannot be overstated. It is about safeguarding consumers against potential health hazards lurking in their meals. In a world where foodborne illnesses pose a significant threat, these ratings function as a shield, empowering consumers with information crucial for making informed choices about where and what to eat.

Reviewing insights provides a comprehensive overview of an establishment’s compliance with regulatory standards, ranging from cleanliness and food handling practices to staff hygiene and infrastructure maintenance. By analysing this data, regulators and consumers gain a clear picture of where improvements are needed and where awards are deserved.

A Call to Action

In an era where the food landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, it’s imperative to prioritise food safety and hygiene. In such instances, the implementation of commercial kitchen cleaning services become imperative. These services play a pivotal role in maintaining cleanliness, preventing contamination, and upholding hygiene protocols. Therefore, our analysis not only highlights areas with exemplary hygiene standards but also underscores the importance of proactive measures, such as commercial kitchen cleaning services, in areas where ratings fall below par.


Population data for UK towns and cities, except London, was gathered from various public sources. London’s population was collected separately. Hygiene ratings data were sourced from the UK Food Standards Agency’s open data portal. Built-up areas were searched on the website, filtering for ratings of 0, 1, and 5. The total number of results for each rating was tallied and converted to percentages for comparison. Only areas with over 500+ establishments with a rating were analysed.

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