The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the UK for Running & Cycling

Engaging in regular physical activity like running and cycling is an essential part of maintaining both your physical and mental health. The two types of exercise offer a range of benefits due to the aerobic nature of the exercises, which target your cardiovascular systems while also enhancing muscle tone and helping you manage weight more effectively. Beyond the physical advantages, running and cycling also play a crucial role in mental well-being, helping to alleviate stress, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and boost your overall mood through the release of endorphins. By fostering a routine that incorporates these activities, you’ll be able to enjoy a balanced and healthier lifestyle.


So with that in mind, and with summer fast approaching, just how scenic and easy-on-the-eye a location is can make all the difference when considering how much you’ll enjoy your daily or weekly cardio workout. To help enthusiasts and novices alike find the best spots, Online Marketing Surgery have produced their own Running and Cycling Report, which highlights the most picturesque cities in the UK for these activities.


Top 10 most picturesque running cities in the UK

City Instagram Hashtags
Norwich 8,176
Bristol 6,669
Swansea 4,849
Birmingham 4,556
Glasgow 3,990
Edinburgh 3,710
Brighton & Hove 2,616
Newport 2,098
Cambridge 2,096
Durham 2,082



Top 10 most picturesque cycling cities in the UK

City Instagram Hashtags
Sheffield 945
Bristol 800
Derby 499
Edinburgh 484
Cambridge 410
Aberdeen 371
Glasgow 313
Birmingham 311
Durham 247
York 232



  • Through Instagram, we looked at #Run (City) or #Cycle (City) along with it’s translated counterparts for 76 cities in the UK. We then analysed the data to see the most running and cycling pictures on the platform to find the most picturesque locations for runners and cyclists.
  • For the most popular routes, we looked at Strava data to see the most runners that took that route that is over 1km long.

All data correct as of May 2024.


For those of you reading who are inspired to get out and explore the most picturesque cities in the UK while staying fit, having the right gear is essential. It’s important to have an assortment of high-quality, custom running wear and cycling gear designed to enhance both your comfort and performance in your wardrobe, and if they’re showing your personalised kit designs as well as, that’s even better. Whether you’re hitting the trails of Norwich and Bristol, or you’re cycling though the scenic routes of Sheffield and Bristol, we’re on hand to ensure you’re equipped with the best teamwear attire. Make the most of every run and ride by designing your own cycling  and running kits now.

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