Georgie Gough

Position: Content King

πŸŽ‰ Meet the Content King: Georgie! πŸŽ‰

🌟 Meet Georgie Gough, our newest addition to the Online Marketing Surgery team! πŸš€ As a Marketing Executive, Georgie brings a wealth of expertise in crafting innovative client marketing strategies and content that drives brand growth and engagement.

πŸš€ The Creative Force Behind the ScenesΒ 

In his role, Georgie thrives on identifying opportunities for expansion, meticulously curating compelling content ranging from blog articles, on page optimisation, press releases and social media updates, and engaging with clients to ensure their messages are effectively communicated. With a keen eye for detail, he spearheads SEO activities, conducting thorough keyword research and optimising content to deliver tangible results for each client. πŸ’‘

⚽ Unwinding with a Twist

Beyond the office, Georgie’s passions extend to the sports arena, where he proudly supports Aston Villa in football and the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA. You’ll often find him cheering on Emi Martinez on the pitch or discussing rock bands from the 80s, with The Replacements being one of his favourites. With family ties Down Under, Georgie has a fondness for Australia and enjoys indulging in a Miller and Carter Steak whenever possible. πŸ₯©. When it comes to unwinding, Georgie is a versatile drink connoisseur, opting for Beer Moretti or Peroni over Fosters any day.

🌈 Fun Fact

Georgie’s name journey started as Kane on his birth certificate, but he later made the change to Georgie, reflecting his unique personality and identity. Say hello to Georgie, the creative mind behind our marketing magic! πŸŽ‰