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Position: Chief Cuddle Officer

🎉 Meet the Chief Cuddle Officer at OMS: Cookie! 🎉

Cookie is not just any ordinary office dog; she is the heart and soul of our workplace. With her fluffy golden fur and perpetually wagging tail, Cookie brings joy and warmth to everyone she encounters. Born to spread smiles, Cookie takes her role as Chief Cuddle Officer very seriously.

🚀 Mood Booster

Cookie’s skills are as impressive as her fluffy appearance. She’s a mood booster extraordinaire, capable of sensing when someone needs a pick-me-up. 🌈 Her presence alone melts away stress, fostering a relaxed atmosphere. Cookie’s also a pro at promoting teamwork and collaboration, organising group walks and impromptu play sessions. 🎾 And let’s not forget her expertise in the art of napping; Cookie’s naps are legendary and serve as a gentle reminder to take breaks and recharge. 💤

💬 Day In The Life Of

In her downtime, Cookie enjoys hunting for treats 🍪, revelling in belly rubs 🥰, and keeping an eye on neighbourhood squirrels from her favourite window spot. 🐿️ Her favourite quote, “Life is short, wag your tail,” perfectly captures her zest for life. 🌈

🌟 Here’s to Cookie

With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering loyalty, Cookie reminds us to embrace joy in the simplest moments. She’s an indispensable member of our team, spreading smiles and wagging tails wherever she goes. 🐾