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Andy Timmins

Position: Chief Code Monkey

πŸŽ‰ Meet the Code Magician at OMS: Andy! πŸŽ‰

Ever curious about the mastermind shaping our tech? Let’s introduce you to Andy, our development wizard and the driving force behind some of our most spectacular projects and websites.

πŸš€ From Ground Zero to Hero

Andy isn’t just a development maestro; he’s a problem solver, a tech enthusiast, and, above all, a connoisseur of real ales. His secret? A boundless well of curiosity and a seriously good real ale.

πŸ’¬ A Day in Andy’s Shoes

Picture a whirlwind of coding marathons, sleek designs taking shape, and strategic meetings with stakeholdersβ€”all seasoned with a pinch of Marvel fandom and a rigorous archery enthusiasm. And let’s not forget his infamous karaoke performances!

🎀🚴 πŸ” Andy is the spark that ignites our brainstorming sessions (and our office banter) with his enthusiasm and wit. Whether it’s brainstorming the next breakthrough project or simply ensuring we all enjoy a good laugh, he’s the cornerstone of the OMS team.

🌟 Here’s to Andy

Cheers to the man who’s never met a bug he couldn’t squash or a beer he couldn’t savour. We’re incredibly fortunate to have Andy on board, turning our digital dreams into tangible websites, one innovative project at a time!