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Content Will Sell Your Brand
Are you seeking to reach your target audience through the creation of valuable content that consumers just have to share online? Then welcome to the art of content marketing. At Online Marketing Surgery we understand how important thought-provoking and eye-catching content is for any campaign to stand out in a saturated digital market. That is why we are always at the forefront of an ever-changing digital landscape and prepared to use the latest innovative trends and techniques to get you results. Through the creation of infographics, case studies, videos and ebooks, our superb content marketing strategy can have an overwhelming impact on your business.
Our Clients Say...
David has significantly increased internet traffic to my website. More traffic = more sales!! If you want a team of professionals who work relentlessly in pursuit of your business interests, then you need to work with David and the team. You won't be disappointed! I have just finished work after ANOTHER very long day. The phone does not stop ringing!
Paul Fisher, Director, Rio Driving School Ltd

Platforms And Frameworks We Use...

John Banks Big & Tall Menswear
John Banks Big & Tall Menswear is a specialist clothing retailer in Birmingham. They wanted to captialise on the potential of online retail and approached Online Marketing for help. We implemented a five-step plan to transform their online fortunes and the results have been amazing. In the first 18 months the website's revenue was in excess of £1,000,000, with SEO responsible for over 75% of internet sales. Combined PPC and email marketing campaigns were also responsible for £200,000 of internet sales. If you would like to know how we managed this, request our case study now.
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Why OMS?
Online Marketing Surgery can help your business grow by designing bespoke websites that get results, developing intelligent software systems that put you above your competitors and implementing targeted marketing campaigns.
  • We are committed to getting you results
  • We immerse ourselves in your business
  • We boast specialised knowledge and experience
  • We can create whatever you desire
  • All work is produced in-house and not outsourced
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How Content Marketing Can Benefit You

If digital marketing is your engine, then content is your fuel. What do we mean by content? It could be a blog, video, slideshow, animated GIF, press release, case study, white paper, Q&As or top 10 list. Without creative content that resonates with your customers and prospects, your digital marketing efforts will fall flat.

Our ethos towards content marketing is to establish trust by adding value in a non-disruptive manner. When creating content, we don’t play it safe. We use emotion, humour and conflicting issues to create compelling stories. Our content marketing team consists of professional designers, videographers, photographers and former journalists to ensure whatever type of content is produced; it is to the highest standard.

Creating Viral Content

Businesses, charities, agencies and marketers strive to produce content that goes viral. Creating a blog or a video that resonates with large sections of the population, who feel compelled to share it, is like winning the jackpot on the lottery. In terms of brand awareness there is simply no better way of getting your company name out to the masses.

Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way of ensuring your campaign will go viral. Sometimes you can plan for it, but it won’t catch fire. Other times the public will mysteriously latch on to something innocuous and let it spiral out of control.
However, with OMS you can be assured of a meticulous approach to all our content marketing goals.