Blog : Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Nothing really surprises me any more. I have lived through some harrowing events of modern time – Princess Diana’s shock death, the terror attacks on the Twin Towers, the depressing banking crisis and the ongoing mess that is Brexit – but there’s one thing that that does shock me… there are still businesses out there that don’t have a website!!!

I mean, come on. We live in the digital age where every man, woman and child has access to the internet. They can shop for groceries, communicate with people all over the globe, educate themselves in any course they desire and watch films at the drop of a hat. The least you expect from any business is for them to have an internet presence. Not only are they failing to promote their brand on a global scale, they are also missing out on lucrative revenue.

In this blog we are going to list just five of the many reasons why your business needs a website designed by a reputable web design agency.

Make More Money Online

If you are in business your primary goal is to make money. Having a website allows the whole world to view your products, boosting your reach of potential customers astronomically. A WordPress site can highlight the goods you sell by using images, videos and descriptive content that forces people to buy or at least enquire for more details. People buy with their eyes, not their hands, so if you can showcase your goods in the best possible light you will encourage people to part with their hard-earned money.

Increase Shopping Time

There are 24 hours in a day, but if you have a physical shop that is only open 9-5 then you are missing out on 16 hours of business every day. With an ecommerce store on your website you are going to maximise your potential, allowing visitors from around the world to buy your products at their leisure. Being online also improves your customer service as you can be on call to answer any queries your customers may have. Our web designers can build you a website that is simple to use and easy to navigate.

It Puts You In Control

Having your own website puts you firmly in the driving seat. It allows you to promote what you want, when you want. You can upload news of your special discounts on your site instantly, unveil the latest addition to your team or write a blog on a topic close to your business. Every piece of content you write, every image you use, even the layout of your site is down to you. Of course, to some people that can seem quite daunting, but as a digital marketing agency we can assist you with creating SEO focused content and web building.

Increase Your Popularity

You may have a loyal band of customers locally, but has anyone heard of you outside of your town? A website with a strategic SEO plan will ensure more people know about you and your amazing service. More visitors will bring more sales and the happier you keep your customers the more likely they are to share their experience with their friends and family. This snowball effect will only pay dividends for your business going forward.

Everything Is Tracked

When you advertise through a newspaper you never know how many people have laid eyes on your advert or took the time to call you. With a website you can track absolutely everything. How many people came to your site, what pages they visited and how long they stayed there for right up to whether they emailed or called you. With this detailed information you can make subtle changes to your site to capitalise on what your followers like and don’t like.

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