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Why you should invest in an SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential component for any company wanting to make more money on the internet. It is a strategic long-term plan that aims to get your website ranked higher in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

With a detailed SEO strategy, Online Marketing Surgery can help to significantly improve the quantity and quality of traffic to your site. The higher your website is in Google means you will receive more enquiries and ultimately more sales.

Before we get started though, here is a word of warning. SEO will not bring you overnight success. Creating and implementing an SEO strategy is a long-term process. There are many separate strands to SEO that need to be addressed in order to see a positive turnaround. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. We have witnessed rare occasions where an SEO plan has delivered immediate results and seen firms shoot up the search engines, but it very much depends on your sector and company goals. It usually takes a few months for search engines to analyse your site and take the changes in to account.

The first step we will take is to carry out an SEO audit of your site. This simple but effective measure will identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses, which will enable us to plan for a successful strategy. For example, do you have your phone number of email address in the header of your page? This makes it easy for visitors to access your useful information instantly. Remember, it’s not a game of hide and seek. You need to put your vital details on display for everyone to see.

Intensive keyword research will then be carried out by our team. They will look for the terms that the public are searching for, log the data and analyse the findings in order to optimise your site’s potential. In the old days most SEO agencies would target singular keywords, but the new approach to SEO is to focus on keyword intent and long tail searches. For example, if you were a company selling lanyards, it would be more beneficial to target a printed lanyard, bottle opener lanyard or retractable ID card holder rather than lanyard on its own.

This keyword research allows us to edit meta titles and meta descriptions in order to capatilise on these popular search terms. For instance, if you were a Thai restaurant you need to use target keywords for each page. Meta titles are 60 characters long so you need to be clear and concise: Award-winning Contemporary Thai Restaurant & Bar Birmingham makes for a great home page title.

By using keywords in the correct place on your website allows Google to read your site, understand it and rank it appropriately.

Content Is King

In the music world Elvis Presley remains king, but in the digital world content rules over the kingdom. Service pages, blogs, case studies, news stories, vlogs and so on can all have a huge effect on your SEO ranking. Educational, entertaining and engaging pieces of content, all carefully crafted with focus keywords and their associated terms will see your page fly up the rankings. Guest blogging can also work. For example, if you are a recruitment firm you should be looking to branch out and feature in related websites by posting material that illustrates your authority on your area. As a cumulative effect the success of this will drive traffic to your site and improve the rating of your whole website.

Link building is also an essential part of SEO. Internal linking is key to guiding your visitors around your site and you want their journey experience to be as smooth and clear cut as possible. External linking is even more important. If you can create content that strikes a chord with people and forces them to share it on their site, their blog or their social media page, that will pay huge dividends for your site’s reputation. The holy grail is to feature on a respected news site like the BBC as its trust flow is so good it will send your page into orbit.

Don’t ignore the importance of social media either. Some people may question the ROI of social media marketing but it does affect your SEO ranking. With a concise profile, written specifically with your target keywords in mind, you will drive traffic to your site. You will even find a growing number of people use Twitter and Facebook to research a company first and visit their website direct from there. There has also been an increase in the number of firms’ social media profiles being ranked by Google so ignore them at your peril.

A successful SEO campaign is like a marathon runner. You need to put in the hard work months in advance. It’s going to be hard to train your body to get up to 26 miles, but through a tailored programme and sheer dedication, you will start to see progress that will improve your stamina for the long haul.

Search Engine Optimisation is a vital component for any company looking to make money from the internet. SEO is a strategic long-term process that will move your site up the rankings on Google.

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